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Wide range

Artist’s canvas comes in surprisingly many variations. The texture of the weave can vary from very coarse to very fine. Specific treatments produce specific variations. The range produced by Claessens currently contains more than 25 canvases.

Here’s a selection:

  • no. 66: oil canvas, 0% absorbent, suitable for oil paint only
  • no. 166: universal canvas, 50% absorbent, suitable for oil pain, acrylic paint and tempera
  • no. 266: absorbent canvas, 100% absorbent, suitable for water colour only
  • no. 13DPS: oil canvas, with 4 primer layers and only then a coating
  • no. 12TS & 2TS: cotton canvases that can be coloured on the reverse to produce a linen effect. The front side is treated as an oil or universal canvas
  • no. 103 & 101: synthetic canvases (viscose and polyester) are not pretreated with glue. They are given a universal primer layer only.