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Production steps


Step 5: Production of the canvas

Oil canvas production

For an ‘oil canvas’, zinc white is used as the primer, bound with linseed oil. The paint is applied on to the glued linen by passing 2 ‘knives’ (1&2)

After that, we sand the canvas and apply a coating layer based on titanium white. Again passing the 2 ‘knives’ and this time also rolled (3) to achieve the typical Claessens oil-primed canvas.

Drying proces for oil-primed canvases

After the 1st primer, the canvas is placed in a drying room for three days where it air-dries naturally. Double-primed canvases undergo the same process once again.

When the final coating is applied, the canvas then has to go back into the drying room for a further ten days.

These pictures show how our oil canvases are hung up to dry.

Universal canvas production

Universal primed canvases are coated twice with an acrylic-based paint. This is done with only 1 ‘knife’ and not rolled at the last stage.

Because this primer and coating are water-based, these canvases can be dried in the dry-air oven, where the water can evaporate more quickly.

Production of wide canvases

We are also able to produce 100% linen canvases up to 4.20 m wide and 40 m long. These are still hand-primed and made to order.